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Okefenokee Technical College 2013-2014 Catalog


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Okefenokee Technical College realizes that academic advisement is an integral part of the overall success of the students. Academic advising is a support service to students coordinated by Student Affairs to assist students in completing the work in their chosen program. The academic advisement process is designed to make students aware of their responsibilities in program selection and choices of appropriate courses. Advising includes academic counseling and interpretation of institution rules and regulations as set forth in the student handbook.


It is the responsibility of the advisor to be available to students who require information and to lead the student into an acceptance of responsibility for knowing what services are available on campus to contribute to academic success, what courses are appropriate for the program area, and where to seek guidance.

Advisors are required to attend training for using BannerWeb in the advisement process, and an academic advisement handbook is provided to all advisors by Student Affairs.

New Students

New students are advised by the Director of Admissions, Dean for Academic Affairs-Evening Operations or Student Affairs Coordinator. Students enrolled in short-term, standalone certificate programs are advised by the program area advisor. Students classified as Learning Support will continue to be advised by Student Affairs staff until provisional or regular status is achieved.

Provisional/Regular Status Students

Students are assigned to an advisor based on program major. Each student is assigned a primary advisor; however, a student may be advised by any advisor in the major program area, Director of Admissions, Dean of Academic Affairs-Evening Operations or Student Affairs Coordinator to accommodate student needs. In the event an advisor’s advisement load rises above the level determined by the College to be appropriate, the Dean for Academic Affairs for the program area will provide support and assist with the advisement process.

Students consult an advisor each semester to review goals, academic progress, and to schedule classes for the following term. Academic advisement may be done by phone or via email to facilitate accessibility for the student. Students registering through BannerWeb must consult advisor prior to registration. Students can obtain their advisor information using BannerWeb.