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Okefenokee Technical College 2013-2014 Catalog

Approval Process

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Instructional Live Work Project Procedures

The program coordinator/instructor will be the approval authority for project acceptance and project completion. Projects may not be of a production nature and may not compete with private enterprises. The instructor(s) will consider the scope of the proposed project, value to students, and the eligibility of the “customer.” Completion of a Live Work Project Form will constitute approval. A Live Work Project Form is required for each instructional live work project except for cosmetology, retail horticulture sales, and other specifically identified transactions where customers are presented a numbered receipt following payment.

An approved schedule of cost-recovery lab fees will be used to recover the cost of consumable supplies used in projects. Lab fees will be developed by the instructors and submitted to the Dean for Academic Affairs and Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval. Fees will be reviewed and revised as needed on an annual basis. A listing of fees and examples of the types of projects in each category should be available in each shop/lab area.