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Okefenokee Technical College 2013-2014 Catalog

Fees and Local Accounting Procedures

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Instructional Live Work Project Procedures

A cost-recovery lab fee will be charged to recover the cost of school supplies consumed during the completion of the project. Lab fees will vary based upon the size of the project. Specific lab fee amounts for each class of project will be posted in the program area. Lab fees will be developed by the instructors and submitted to the Dean for Academic Affairs and Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval. Fees will be reviewed and revised as needed on an annual basis.

Cosmetology live work projects are by nature different from projects carried out in the technical areas. Because of this the Cosmetology instructional area posts current charges for services and supplies. Cosmetology live work procedures are explained to each customer as they visit this area.

Payment must be collected immediately in the case of cosmetology and retail horticulture sales and turned in to Administrative Services office daily to minimize the risk of loss. Customers will be presented with a numbered receipt for payment. Sales tax will be collected for all retail sales.

For all other live work, the instructor documents completion of the work on the Live Work Project Form. The customer remits payment to Okefenokee Technical College at the Cashier’s Office. The instructor responsible for the project must verify that payment was received by Okefenokee Technical College before releasing the completed project item to the customer.

Okefenokee Technical College must be fully reimbursed for all direct costs related to instructional service projects. The college may generate a reasonable profit. Monies associated with projects are subject to state fiscal and accounting policies. The monies can be carried over to successive fiscal years. Excess monies or “profits” generated by Live Work Projects shall be used only to enhance instructional programs.

OTC students and facilities may not be used for personal gain or profit in the completion of live work projects. Employees of Okefenokee Technical College shall not receive extra compensation except as may be warranted by normal overtime or overload policies for any instructional service projects.

Tips or gratuities to students working on live work projects, while not expected or encouraged, may be permitted at the discretion of the Technical College President depending on the nature of the service provided. All live work projects shall comply with the Governor’s Executive Order on Ethics.