Okefenokee Technical College

Okefenokee Technical College 2013-2014 Catalog

PNSG 2132 Obstetric Nursing Practicum (0-5-2)

Focuses on clinical patient care aspects health management and maintenance and the prevention of illness, care of the individual as a whole, and deviations from the normal state of health. The definition of client care includes using the nursing process, performing assessments, using critical thinking, and providing client education. Topics include: heal the management and maintenance and prevention of illness; care of the individual as a whole; and deviations from the normal state of health in the reproductive system, pathological and nonpathological concerns in obstetric clients, and the newborn; client care, treatment, pharmacology, medication administration, and diet therapy related to the reproductive system, obstetric clients, and the newborn ; and standard precautions.

Prerequisites: PNSG 1020, PNSG 1030, PNSG 1100