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Okefenokee Technical College 2013-2014 Catalog

Probation and Academic Plans

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Financial Assistance

Following an approved appeal, the student will be placed on FINANCIAL AID PROBATION and will be eligible to continue receiving financial aid during their next semester of attendance for one semester only. In order to receive financial aid after the probation term, a student must meet SAP requirements.

Alternately, an Academic Plan may be established for the student by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. Academic

Plans will be developed on an individual basis, but at a minimum, will require the student to successfully complete all attempted course with a "C" (2.0 Term GPA) or better. An Academic Plan may also require a student to meet with his/her Academic Advisor, Student Affairs staff, to enroll in specific courses, or any other activity the Appeals Committee believes will enable the student to meet SAP requirements by a specific point in time and ultimately enable him/her to complete the program of study in a timely manner. All requirements of an Academic Plan must be met each semester and will be checked by the Office of Financial Aid prior to awarding aid for the next semester of attendance. An Academic Plan will span no more than three terms.