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Okefenokee Technical College 2013-2014 Catalog

Title VI Grievance Procedure

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Informal Grievance Procedure

Complainants are encouraged to seek informal resolution of their grievances or concerns. This informal procedure is intended to encourage communication between the parties involved, either directly or through an intermediary; in order to facilitate a mutual understanding of what may be different perspectives regarding the complaint of act or directive.

If the informal process does not result in the resolution of the grievable issue to the satisfaction of the complainant, the student may utilize the formal grievance procedure.

Formal Complaint Procedure

Within 15 business days of the incident being grieved, the student must file a formal written grievance with the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) or the OTC President’s designee:

1. Name

2. Date

3. Brief description of incident being grieved

4. Remedy requested

5. Signature

6. Informal remedy attempted by student and outcome

If the complaint is against the Vice President for Student Affairs or the OTC President’s designee, the complaint shall be filed directly with the President. If the complaint is against the President, the complaint shall be filed in accordance with the appeals procedure.

The VPSA will investigate the matter and supply a written response to the student within 15 business days.

Appeal of Response:

If a student is unsatisfied with the response, the student may file a written appeal to the OTC President within 5 business days of receiving the response. The appeal will be decided based entirely on documents provided by the student and the administrator therefore the student must ensure that he or she has provided all relevant documents with his or her appeal. At the OTC President's discretion, grievance appeals may be held in one of the following two ways:

The President may review the information provided by the student and administrator and make the final decision; or

The President may appoint a cross-functional committee to make the final decision.

The decision of either the President or the cross-functional committee shall be made within 10 business days of receipt of the appeal. Whichever process is chosen by the President, the decision of the grievance appeal is final.