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Financial Assistance

Withdraw versus Drop

The term "drop" refers to removing a course from the students schedule during the schedule adjustment period. These classes are removed from the academic record. The term "withdraw" is used when a student files a withdrawal form requesting a grade of W or WF in a course or the instructor or college administratively withdraws the student. These courses remain on the student's record. Withdrawn courses count toward the total hours attempted and when determining academic progress.

How do withdrawals affect my financial aid?

If a student withdraws from one or more classes after the schedule adjustment period (first three instructional days of the term), the student will receive a grade of W or WF and may also receive a recalculation of financial aid funds received for that term. Since a calculation is made based on the percentage of the semester completed, the Office of Financial Aid cannot give a specific amount of the adjustment upon inquiry. If it is determined that the student has totally withdrawn, the student may owe a portion of any financial aid used or received during the term. If the student is owed money after the recalculation has been done, the student will receive a bill and a hold will be placed on the student record.

Please be advised: Withdrawing on or after the 4th instructional day of the semester from a class, or all classes, will count towards the Pace of Progression for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Also, if the student did not attend at least 60% of the semester prior to totally withdrawing, the student will have to repay any federal aid received for the course(s) from which he/she withdrew.

Note: Students should become familiar with and understand the rules about SAP as outlined above and check progress each semester to protect financial aid eligibility.