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Admissions Categories

Minimum placement score requirements for each diploma/degree program are established in accordance with the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) standards.

Applicants shall be admitted to Okefenokee Technical College (OTC) in one of the following categories: Regular, Provisional, Learning Support/Developmental, Special Admission, or Transient.

Regular Status
Upon completion of an approved assessment exam, eligible applicants who score at or above the program minimums on all required sections of the ASSET or COMPASS will be granted as a regular admission status.

Provisional Status
Upon completion of an assessment exam, eligible applicants whose scores fall in the range immediately below regular admission level will enter under the provisional status. Students who enter under provisional status must improve their basic skills in the area(s) of deficiency prior to completion of the program. The provisionally admitted student may take all other courses except those in areas which the COMPASS score is below the level of regular admissions.

Learning Support/Developmental Status
Upon completion of an assessment exam, applicants who score below the provisional range on the ASSET/COMPASS in areas of reading, English, and math will be required to take Learning Support courses in the area(s) of deficiency prior to being accepted for the regular program. Applicants who score below the minimum score for learning support admissions will be required to complete coursework at Adult Education equivalent to 40 hours in area(s) of deficiency.

Special Admission Status
Special admit students are those who want to receive credit for enrolled coursework, but are not seeking a certificate, diploma or degree. The following specifics define the parameters of this classification. Special admit students shall:

  • Be classified as non-award seeking at time of entry and, therefore, not eligible for financial aid.
  • Be granted special student admit status upon recommendation of the admissions office.
  • Receive credit for regular program coursework which is satisfactorily completed.
  • Receive credit for unlimited number of courses, but may transfer only 17 credit hours into a specific program for award seeking purposes.
  • Have the prerogative for applying for regular admission status, but must meet all the requirements of the regular admissions process. This includes completion of the state­ approved assessment process and submission of required documentation.
  • Adhere to the specific institutional prerequisite requirements when selecting courses.

Note: Special admit students are not eligible for financial aid.

Transient Students
An applicant who wishes to transient from another college to OTC and who has completed all the required steps for admission may be admitted as a transient student. Transient students may complete the coursework under a state standardized curriculum for graduation from the
program. The degree, diploma, or technical certificate of credit will be awarded by the home institution rather than by Okefenokee Technical College.

Prior to a transient student's enrollment at OTC, the OTC Admissions Office will obtain a transient letter from the Admissions Office at the home institution to the effect that the home institution will accept Okefenokee Technical College's credits toward the graduation of the transient student.

A transient student enrolling at OTC must:

  • Submit a completed application for admission to OTC (host institution).
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee.
  • Present a transient letter from the home institution stating the courses that can be taken.
  • Pay all scheduled fees of the host institution.

Students from Okefenokee Technical College who want to be a transient at another school must be in good standing and regular status. In addition, the student must have successfully completed 17 semester hours of credit at OTC.

A student is allowed a cumulative total of 17 semester hours or the equivalent in quarter hours of transient credit.

Exceptions to the admissions procedure are limited and based on specific criteria as identified in SBTAE Policy: V. B. 1. Admissions.


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