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OTC Announces Fall Quarter 2009 Academic Achievement List

Dr. Gail Thaxton, president of Okefenokee Technical College, has announced the Academic Achievement List for Fall Quarter 2009. To qualify for this honor, a student is classified as a part-time student, has a grade point average of 3.75 or higher, and has a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The following students were named:

Appling County: April Barlow, Nurse Technician; Michael Dean, Painting and Refinishing Specialist; Teri Thornton, Imaging Science Assistant; and Linda Timblin, Nurse Technician.

Atkinson County: Renato Leal, Central Service Assistant; Willie Majette, Certified Nurse Technician; and Sean White, Auto Collision Repair.

Bacon County: Chasity Carter, Nurse Technician; Meagan Carter, Early Childhood Care and Education; Maria Deen, Early Childhood Care and Education; Bonnie Griffin, Certified Nurse Assistant; Amanda Howell, Business Administrative Technology; Mindy Lewis, Nurse Technician; Michael Manning, Nurse Technician; Courtney Pennington, Early Childhood Care Education; Mary Rewis, Central Service Assistant; Debra Rigdon, Nurse Technician; Mary Thomas, Nurse Technician; LaGena White, Computer Support Specialist; Jessica Williams, Imaging Science Assistant; and Frederick Wilson, Industrial Facilities Maintenance Technology.

Brantley County: Jason Carter, Criminal Justice; Shane Clemons, Auto Collision Repair; John Downs, Computer Support Specialist; Megan Hardee, Nurse Technician; Alan Morningstar, A+ Comptia Certification; Wesley Nicholls, Auto Collision Repair; Jan Prescott, Criminal Justice; Satilla Sirmans, Salon Receptionist; Keith Waters, Air Conditioning Technology; and Kristie Wood, Certified Nurse Assistant.

Charlton County: Tyrone Artis, Certified Manufacturing Specialist; Brian Brown, Flat Shielded Metal Arc Welding; Danny Brown, Certified Manufacturing Specialist; Evan Brown, Certified Nurse Assistant; Marquis Cannon, Certified Manufacturing Specialist; Ashely Crews, Nurse Technician; Lee Gardiner, Certified Manufacturing Specialist; Ashley Hall, Imaging Science Assistant; Randall Hall, Environmental Horticulture; Detra Harvey, Certified Nurse Assistant; Daniel Hinson, Air Conditioning Technology; Chester Kennedy, Flat Shielded Metal Arc Welding; Shannon Knight, Certified Nurse Assistant; Walter Knowles, Networking Specialist; Nicole Lanier, Certified Nurse Assistant; Alexis Milton, Certified Nurse Assistant; Ashely Neely, Certified Nurse Assistant; Jennifer Sikes, Certified Nurse Assistant; Toriano Stanley, Certified Manufacturing Specialist; Octavia Vernon, Nurse Technician; and Trinkell Washington, Nurse Technician.

Camden County: Caitlynn Herrin, Certified Nurse Assistant and Venus Herring, Nurse Technician.

Clinch County: Leroy Burton, Marketing; Elizabeth Johnston, Salon Receptionist; and Tina King, Nurse Technician.

Coffee County: Kevin Adams, Industrial Facilities Maintenance Technology; Alyssa Carver, Nurse Technician; Amanda Ellis, Nurse Technician; Charity Fannin, Nurse Technician; Kimberly Fanning, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Shannon Graves, Accounting; Robyn Hall, Respiratory Care Technology; Christina Hersey, Accounting; Brittney Johnson, Nurse Technician; Gwen Mizell, Imaging Science Assistant; Joseph Palmer, Air Conditioning Technology; Sabrina Spivey, Nurse Technician; Colby Turner, Imaging Science Assistant; Amanda Vickers, Phlebotomy Technician; and Aara Womack, Salon Receptionist.

Glynn County: January Crosby, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Richard Thompson, Networking Specialist; and Erin Wommack, Nurse Technician.

Gwinnett County: Robert Adamson, Commercial Truck Driving.

Jeff Davis County: Kaysie Crapps, Business Administrative Technology; Amanda Ladislaw, Nurse Technician; and Richard Mims, Imaging Science Assistant.

Pierce County: Amber Alderman, Certified Nurse Assistant; Danielle Atkinson, Early Childhood Care and Education; Brandi Balbach, Networking Specialist; William Bell, Environmental Horticulture; Kia Bond, Nurse Technician; Thimothy Bullock, Auto Collision Repair; Lynn Corbitt, Nurse Technician; Kelly Crews, Imaging Science Assistant; Leslie Davis, Nurse Technician; Sherrie Deal, Emergency Medical Technician; Melissa Durham, Nurse Technician; Meagan Gill, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Brandi Howell, Nurse Technician; Eric Griner, Criminal Justice; April Joyner, Imaging Science Assistant; Dee King, Business Administrative Technology; Christopher Knight, Networking Specialist; Glenda Lee, Medical Assisting; Minnie McBride, A+ Comptia Certification; James Murray, Air Conditioning Repair; Brenna Nichols, Certified Nurse Assistant; Hank Norman, Gas Metal Arc Welding; Debra O’Quinn, Nurse Technician; Jamie Robson, Flat Shielded Metal Arc Welding; Jamie Ruger, Nurse Technician; Suzanne Sanchez, Nurse Technician; Teresa Stuck, Nurse Technician; Thomas Sweat, Auto Collision Repair; Laura Taylor, Marketing; Leigha Taylor, Nurse Technician; James Thornton, Air Conditioning Technology; Tiffany Thrift, Nurse Technician; Pamela Tuten, Nurse Technician; Ava Vaught, Certified Nurse Technician; Jacqueline Wallace, Accounting; and Joanna White, Nurse Technician.

Ware County: Brandi Altman, Nurse Technician; Jerry Anderson, Networking Specialist; Steven Anderson, Commercial Truck Driving; Jared Bartlett, Networking Specialist; Ashley Baskette, Imaging Science Assistant; John Bennett, Accounting; Lacy Bennett, Welding and Joining Technology; Vickie Cain, Early Child Care & Development; Robert Carbaugh, Electronics Fundamentals; Daniel Carter, Air Conditioning Technology; Leah Clementoni, Criminal Justice; Maxine Cobb, Early Childhood Care and Education; William Coulliette, Networking Specialist; Laura Cross, Nurse Technician; Peggy Drury, Medical Assisting; Lavonda Ellis, Nurse Technician; Glen Fish, Automotive Fundamentals; Michelle Gamble, Nurse Technician; Ronnie Gardner, Criminal Justice; Hannah Gregory, Imaging Science Assistant; James Hampton, Forestry Technology; Amanda Henderson, Imaging Science Assistant; Jennifer Hendrix, Accounting; Judy Hester, Phlebotomy Technician; Thomas Hicks, Air Conditioning Technology; Jeffrey Hill, Networking Specialist; Hailey Howell, Salon Receptionist; Adhino Jackson, Central Service Assistant; Angela James, Office Accounting; Lonnie Jones, Central Service Assistant; Jessica Leggett, Salon Receptionist; Veronica Martinez, Early Childhood Care and Education; Richard McAlister, Welding and Joining Technology; Alicia McLaughlin, Certified Nurse Assistant; Stephanie Morgan, Imaging Science Assistant; Tiffany Musgrove, Phlebotomy Technician; Willesia Neloms, Phlebotomy Technician; Amelia Novotny, Nurse Technician; Edna Pickett, Nurse Technician; Brenda Pickney, Nurse Technician; Rachell Powell, Nurse Technician; Miranda Riggins, Phlebotomy Technician; William Saylor, Air Conditioning Technology; Tammie Shaw, Nurse Technician; Stephen Smith, Forestry Technology; Matthew Stoddard, Forestry Technology; Sara Strickland, Forestry Technology; Ezra Thomas, Auto Collision Repair; Karen Thompson, Nurse Technician; Dean Thornton, Networking Specialist; Jesse Thrift, Commercial Truck Driving; Pebble Wells, Early Childhood Care and Education; Angelyn White, Phlebotomy Technician; Mark Williams, Nurse Technician; Angela Wilson, Microsoft Office Application Specialist; Chanea Wooten, Nurse Technician; and Tashae Wynn, Certified Nurse Technician.

Wayne County: Stephanie Mitchell, Respiratory Care Technology.


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