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Melvin Bratcher retires from Okefenokee Technical College

Melvin Bratcher was the guest of honor at a retirement luncheon on the Alma campus in which he was applauded for fourteen years of full-time instruction at Okefenokee Technical College. The event took place November 29, Bratcher’s last day on the job.

Bratcher celebrated his last day of full-time work with Dr. Glenn Deibert, president of Okefenokee Technical College; Austin Johnson, Dean for Student Affairs & Satellite Operations (Alma Campus); the Alma campus faculty and staff and numerous other colleagues.

According to OTC’s human resources coordinator, Cynthia Linder, Bratcher came to Okefenokee Technical College in August 1998 where he was hired to teach construction and several construction-related programs.

“I would personally like to thank Mr. Bratcher for his years of service and his dedication to students,” stated Dr. Deibert. “Over the years Melvin has taught many students who have entered the workforce and gone on to advance in the field. It goes without saying that he has made a positive difference in the lives of many families. I’m sure Melvin is looking forward to having more time to do the things he loves, which includes spending additional time with his family.”

Austin Johnson also wished the best for Mr. Bratcher. “Melvin has had a great career in both the private sector, as well as in public education,” stated Johnson. “He has dedicated nearly 20 years of his life to educate and train citizens of Bacon County in the technical industrial field. We wish him the best in retirement.”

Dr. Deibert presented Melvin with a $75 gift card as a retirement gift from the OTC faculty and staff, and Beth Strickland made a special presentation, making reference to one of Mr. Bratcher’s favorite pastimes, fishing.

Melvin Bratcher Retires

Melvin Bratcher was recently honored for fourteen years of service at OTC. Dr. Glenn Deibert (left), OTC president, and Austin Johnson (right), Dean for Satellite Operations, were among those who congratulated Bratcher and wished him a rich and rewarding retirement.


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