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Partnership Gets OTC’s New CNC Lathe Training Program Underway

The first class of the new Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Lathe training program at Okefenokee Technical College is underway, and students are already mastering the skills necessary to shape metals and other materials into highly precise measurements. The 40-hour course is taught at the Alma Campus and includes lathe operation, safety, and maintenance.Photo 1

Ted Murray, president of Industrial Forge, Inc. of Alma, donated the CNC Lathe to the OTC Foundation for use by the college. Murray has also donated his instructional time and released Industrial Forge plant manager, David Dukes, and machine controller, Terry Burnam, as well, to provide instructional training to students enrolled in the program. The machine is a Haas LT-1 CNC tool room lathe – a computer controlled, metal cutting machine representative of the latest in manufacturing technology. 

Industrial Forge of Alma, a manufacturer of highly specialized fasteners used by major companies throughout the world, employs all but one of the students in Okefenokee Tech’s CNC program; however, all major manufacturing industries employ computer control programmers and operators. In fact, the increasing use of CNC machine tools in all sectors of the manufacturing industry, replacing older mechanical metal and plastic working machines, will likely increase demand for computer-controlled machine tool operators.Photo 2

The lathe will enable Okefenokee Tech to introduce a whole family of new courses and to customize programs to meet local needs and students’ interests, according to Andy Brannen, Vice President for Economic Development at Okefenokee Technical College, who is pleased to partner with Murray and Industrial Forge on this project. Students will complete the course in June. For information on the next CNC Lathe class, please contact the OTC Economic Development office at (912) 287-5854.

Photo 1:
David Dukes (right) of Industrial Forge in Alma demonstrates an operational procedure on the computer numeric control lathe machine for students in the lathe course at OTC.

Photo 2:
Students in OTC’s new CNC lathe course are being taught the latest in manufacturing technology. The first class includes Ken O’Steen (L to R); Ted Murray, Industrial Forge president & lathe course instructor; Joseph Deen; Carl Wilson; Mike Rewis; Josh Burnam; David Dukes, Industrial Forge plant manager & lathe course instructor; and Terry Burnam, Industrial Forge machine controller & lathe course instructor.




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