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OTC Faculty & Staff Give Generously to Foundation

100% Participation in Internal Campaign

Okefenokee Technical College (OTC) Foundation Chair Larry Paulk and OTC President Dr. Glenn Deibert are pleased to announce that the 2013-14 internal campaign for the OTC Foundation was a success. OTC faculty and staff demonstrated its support for higher education, the college, OTC students, and the Foundation in a big way, with 100% gifting participation and new memberships to the 1% Club.

“The most important goal a foundation can have is 100% participation from its internal stakeholders,” stated Cindy Tanner, executive director of the OTC Foundation. “Meeting this goal enables the trustees and Dr. Deibert to tell the community that OTC employees believe in the mission of the College at a level above a paycheck. It says that faculty and staff understand the importance of workforce development in the community and their role as educators to ensure that employers have qualified applicants. It’s significant to note, too, that the OTC Foundation has enjoyed 100% participation from college faculty and staff for the past five years,” continued Tanner. 

Mr. Paulk congratulated the staff for another successful campaign and thanked them for their generosity. He agreed that the financial support of OTC employees is a testament of their belief in technical education and the mission of the College. Dr. Deibert also extended appreciation to the staff and reiterated the importance of the Foundation to the College stating that many students depend on the financial support of the Foundation in order to attend and complete programs.

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