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Georgia Power Gives to OTC Foundation for Student Scholarships

James Willis (left), area manager of the Georgia Power Company, recently met with Okefenokee Technical College Interim President Dr. Glenn Deibert (right) and OTC Foundation Executive Director Cindy Tanner (center) to present a generous cash donation to the Okefenokee Technical College Foundation in support of higher education. According to Tanner, Mr. Willis and the Georgia Power Company have been long-standing supporters of technical education.

In addition to contributions for student scholarships, Georgia Power has supported the OTC electrical lineworker program with cash and in-kind gifts since 2007, when the 8-week program first opened. An initial donation for the lineworker program provided money to purchase pole climbing equipment and various hand tools and to help construct a “Skills Field” at the OTC Waycross Campus as an outdoor lab for students to gain hands-on experience in climbing, pole setting, underground cable installation, equipment operation, safety, and much more. 

Okefenokee Technical College is pleased to offer the lineworker program to individuals seeking work in order to assist them with a career in the energy industry and in order to provide area utility companies, like Georgia Power, with a trained workforce.

Dr. Deibert thanked Willis for his support and service to the college as a Foundation trustee (since 2004) and business leader. Deibert also thanked Willis for Georgia Power’s investment in technical education and workforce development. “This gift will provide many more students with the opportunity to complete their education and contribute to the economic growth of the community,” stated Deibert.


Georgia Power Area Manager James Willis (left) recently presented Okefenokee Technical College President Dr. Glenn Deibert (right) and OTC Foundation Executive Director Cindy Tanner with a generous donation to the OTC Foundation to help fund academic and needs-based scholarships and grants for deserving students.


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