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Satilla REMC Foundation Partners with OTC To Benefit Students
Satilla REMC CEO/President Mr. Romeo Reyes (left), Satilla REMC  Foundation Chairman Mickey Whittington and P. R. Coordinator Sue Johnson(not pictured), met with Okefenokee Technical College President Dr. Gail Thaxton (center) last month to award the OTC Foundation $5,000 for educational advancement.

Funding for the award was made possible through voluntary contributions of Satilla REMC members.  The purpose of the gift is to get needed, but unavailable funds, into technical colleges within the nine-county Satilla REMC service area and to enhance educational opportunities for as many students as possible.

Dr. Thaxton expressed gratitude to Satilla REMC officials for their support and asked them to inform members of the Satilla REMC, Satilla REMC Foundation Board, and  EMC Board of how much OTC appreciates what they contribute to higher education.   

“Many of our students are receiving fewer dollars in financial assistance through the HOPE grant. This donation will allow the OTC Foundation to assist even more students who are experiencing financial hardships and who deserve academic accolades or recognition. It’s certainly appreciated,” remarked Thaxton.

The funds will be used to support student and program success through student scholarships, equipment purchases, and other technical program projects that advance the work of the college, with the majority of the funds going to students.  Thaxton also noted that members of Satilla REMC have invested more than $75,000 toward the educational futures of students who attend Okefenokee Technical College.

The Satilla REMC Foundation is proud to partner with Okefenokee Technical College and the OTC Foundation to provide educational opportunities to students attending technical colleges in its nine-county service area.  The members of Satilla, through their voluntary contributions, reinforce the belief that the responsibility of an educated workforce should be shared by the community. 


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