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OTC Electronics Program Welcomes Engineer and Entrepreneur from Baltimore

Tischler, Cardwell and students

Morris Tischler, an experienced teacher, research scientist, licensed broadcast engineer, writer, inventor, and seasoned international educational consultant, conducted a two-day workshop at Okefenokee Technical College June 19 & 20. Those attending the workshop learned about Biomedical Engineering, among other related topics. Professor Tischler has authored 118 lab manuals in the fields of electricity, electronics, and healthcare. He is the holder of 9 patents covering his research in both the electronics, educational, and medical fields.

For a number of years, Professor Tischler taught applied electronics at two medical schools, the University of Maryland and the Walter Reed Research Institute in Washington D.C. His research work in the medical field resulted in the development of the first transistorized heart stimulator, referred to as a cardiac pacer or pacemaker, one of which was provided as an emergency device to President Eisenhower. His pacemaker is exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

Tischler has served as a curriculum consultant in over 40 countries, presenting lectures in more than 92 countries. In November 2003, he was honored in New York as the recipient of the Armstrong Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Radio Club of America, Inc. This honor has not been awarded since 1992.

Tischler received his M.A. in 1955 from the University of Maryland and his B.S. degree from the Johns Hopkins University.

Pictured are: (Seated) Morris Tischler; (l to r) Bob Cardwell, OTC electronics instructor; Daniel Shaw, OTC electronics student; Ed Abrasley, Appalachian Technical College electronics instructor; and Phillip Linebarger, Southeastern Technical College electronics instructor



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