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Entrepreneurship Camp – “Exploring the Possibilities of Entrepreneurship” is Huge Success

Entrepreneurship Camp – “Exploring the Possibilities of Entrepreneurship” is Huge Success
Thirteen Brantley County FBLA Middle School students participated in the first ever Entrepreneur Camp funded by a grant from the One Georgia Authority. The $2,500 grant enabled the young, developing entrepreneurs to attend Okefenokee Technical College and participate in activities designed to engage them in entrepreneurial thinking.  
These bright, enthusiastic seventh and eighth grade students will be tracked to see how many business ideas come to fruition. The camp, itself, will be an annual event, which will continue to generate creative thinking and excitement about entrepreneur possibilities for the future.
FBLA students who participated in the Entrepreneur Camp sponsored by Okefenokee Technical College, the Brantley County Chamber of Commerce and the Brantley County Development Authority, were very complimentary of their experience. One student commented, “You should make the camp last 7 days, instead of 5.”

One stipulation of the grant is that it be matched with local funds. Local authorities and community members are committed to activities, such as this, that promote new business ideas and economic development.

Gary Strickland, OTC Board Member and Manager of Corporate Support Services at Okefenoke REMC; Jeanie Boland, Executive Director of the Brantley County Development Authority; and Ruby Ann Sawyer, BCMS FBLA Adviser and President of the Brantley County Chamber of Commerce, were instrumental in making the camp become a reality. After they contacted OTC with their idea, Judy Hesters-Scott, OTC’s Business and Industry Services Specialist, set the date, created the curriculum, and began organizing the event.

Ruby Ann Sawyer commented, “This is a great camp and great kids. I love working with them.”  Ms. Sawyer said that this camp will help the students earn their 3rd Level National FBLA Entrepreneur award. Jeanie Boland added that “watching them [the students] learn about entrepreneurship has been very gratifying.”


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