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All Divisions of OTC’s Waycross Campus Going to 4-Day Work Week

Okefenokee Technical College President Gail Thaxton recently announced that all divisions of the Waycross Campus will begin operating on a four-day work week.  

Beginning July 1, 2009, student services support staff and administrative staff on the Waycross Campus will be available Monday – Thursday, 7:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Instructional programs on the Waycross Campus have been operating on a four-day work week since January 2009.

The decision to move all divisions to the 4-day work schedule was made in an effort to reduce utility costs and provide more effective use of energy resources for faculty, staff, and students. The resulting impact of the new schedule will be evaluated periodically for continuation.

The Alma Campus has operated on a four-day work and class schedule since it opened in 1998. Adult Education Centers will continue to operate on the current Monday –Thursday instructional schedule for the main campus and offsite centers.

“A four-day class and work schedule lightens transportation costs for students and employees and helps OTC realize savings for utilities,” said OTC President Dr. Gail Thaxton. “This is just one way we are dealing with state budget reductions. And, although the work week is modified, all divisions maintain the flexibility to accommodate needs from students and the business community.” OTC employees will still work a 40-hour week, according to Thaxton.

According to Danita Cannon, vice president for student affairs, the change should be minimal for students. Because student support offices are open later Monday - Thursday, evening students will have greater access to OTC staff under the new work schedule, and later operating hours should accommodate most everyone’s schedule.”

Andy Brannen, Vice President for Economic Development, emphasized there would be little change in the services available through his division. “Economic Development will still provide services on a flexible schedule based on community and business needs. As before, we can provide services on Friday and/or Saturday as requested by the customer.”


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