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OTC Announces Fall Quarter 2009 President’s List

Dr. Gail Thaxton, president of Okefenokee Technical College, has announced the President’s List for Fall Quarter 2009. To qualify for this honor, a student must be classified as a full-time student, have a grade point average of 3.75 or higher, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The following students were named:

Atkinson County: Marie Hersey, Imaging Science Assistant and Olvido Rodgriguez, Cosmetology.

Bacon County: Wynoka Casteel, Medical Assisting; Jennie Darsey, Nurse Technician; Brandon Davis, Computer Networking; Samuel Douglas, Practical Nursing; Angela Ellis, Cosmetology; Chadwick Henderson, Electrical Lineworker; Ashlie Hennesy, Respiratory Care Technology; Renea Jobe, Nurse Technician; Isabel Morfa, Nurse Technician; Stephanie Sears, Cosmetology; Victor Smiley, Air Conditioning Repair Specialist; Karen Tanner, Practical Nursing; Wendy Thomas, Medical Assisting; Charles Whitacre, Industrial Facilities Maintenance Technology; and Jason White, Air Conditioning Technology.

Berrien County: Matthew Browning, Electrical Lineworker and Ty Harper, Electrical Lineworker.

Brantley County: Jeremy Crews, Respiratory Care Technology; Rebecca Dowling, Cosmetology; Kristi Harper, Nurse Technician; Timothy Harper, Commercial Truck Driving; Keisha Langlois, Nurse Technician; Karen Lewis, Nurse Technician; James Maxwell, Nurse Technician; Heather Mikels, Salon Receptionist; Amanda Roberson, Radiologic Technology; Letitia Shiland, Early Childhood Care and Education; Angela Swinford, Nurse Technician; and Dana Wimberly, Accounting.

Bryan County: Adam Smith, Electrical Lineworker.

Camden County: Evelyn Bruce, Forestry Technology and Franklin Miles, Commercial Truck Driving.

Charlton County: Angela Jackson, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Ashley Lewis, Salon Receptionist; and Jim Todd, Respiratory Care Technology.

Chatham County: William Ingram, Electrical Lineworker.

Clinch County: Larry Davis, Nurse Technician.

Coffee County: Norma Davis, Medical Assisting; Ann Hines, Imaging Science Assistant; Tracy Hyers, Nurse Technician; Selina Moseley, Imaging Science Assistant; Martha Parsons, Accounting; Salentha Reives, Accounting; Cordie Rigby, Air Conditioning Technology; Amber Royal, Imaging Science Assistant; Ashley Srodulski, Radiologic Technology; Barbara Wood, Nurse Technician; and Jonna Wright, Respiratory Care Technology.

Jeff Davis County: Timothy Reagin, Air Conditioning Technology and Michael Taylor, Air Conditioning Technology.

Laurens County: Jesse Joiner, Electrical Lineworker.

Pierce County: Deianna Black, Environmental Horticulture; Susan Boatright, Accounting; Daniel Bowen, Welding and Joining Technology; Cathy Cade, Nurse Technician; Etta Cason, Practical Nursing; Terri Davis, Medical Assisting; Lindee Dixon, Cosmetology; James Green, Industrial Facilities Maintenance Technology; Karen Hamelin, Medical Assisting; Lori Herrin, Nurse Technician; Eric Jackson, Certified Nurse Assistant; Sophia Kitchen, Early Childhood Care and Education; Crystal Lake, Nurse Technician; Sky Long, Respiratory Care Technology; David Lowmon, Marketing; Cara Lynn, Respiratory Care Technology; Carrie Matthews, Nurse Technician; Cheree McCorkel; Megan Rock, Nurse Technician; William Sellers, Electrical Lineworker; Bethany Smith, Imaging Science Assistant; Terri Speake, Criminal Justice; Janice Strickland, Certified Nursing Assistant; Carla Thrift, Medical Assisting; Scarlet Turner, Certified Nurse Assistant; Holly Tyson, Cosmetology; James Vickery, Electrical Lineworker; David Walters, Environmental Horticulture; Darrell Weeks, Criminal Justice; Nathan Williamson, Industrial Facilities Maintenance Technology; and Patti Wilson, Salon Receptionist.

Ware County: Matthew Allen, Air Conditioning Technology; Angela Barnes, Medical Assisting; Bridget Beaty, Nurse Technician; Richard Bergmann, Environmental Horticulture; Susan Cason, Central Service Assistant; Linda Causer, Early Childhood Care and Education; Stacey Chavez, Nurse Technician; Carrilla Curry, Medical Assisting; Angela Davis, Nurse Technician; Kathy Dixon, Business Administrative Technology; Delree DuBose, Certified Nurse Assistant; Jennifer Dukes, Certified Nurse Assistant; Sara Floyd, Certified Nurse Assistant; Emily Godwin, Accounting; Ellen Griffin, Administrative Office Technology; Williams Haralson, Radiologic Technology; Christine Harper, Phlebotomy Technician; Traci Herrin, Accounting; Jennifer Hersey, Forestry Technology; Tommy Hodge, Electrical Lineworker; Johnna Jernigan, Cosmetology; Nicole Kenn, Early Childhood Care and Education; Sandra Lee, Practical Nursing; Kayla Martin, Nurse Technician; Jennifer McGhin, Respiratory Care Technology; Crystal McLeod, Medical Assisting; David Miller, Marketing; Kenneth Mock, Environmental Horticulture; Amy Mosely, Respiratory Care Technology; Lisa Neloms, Accounting; Tiffany Neloms, Early Childhood Care and Education; Brittney Nipper, Respiratory Care Technology; Rachael Nolan, Accounting; Brian O’Boyle, Locomotive Mechanical; Tyler Payne, Electrical Lineworker; Jasmine Pierre, Nurse Technician; Ruby Reynolds, Certified Nurse Assistant; Crissy Roebuck, Cosmetology; Brian Sapp, Networking Specialist; LuSheba Scriven, Nurse Technician; Joe Sikes, Electrical Lineworker; Jessica Steedley, Respiratory Care Technology; John Sweat, Welding and Joining Technology;  Austin Thrift, Forestry Technology; Derwin Tuten, Networking Specialist; Robert Visicaro, Environmental Horticulture; Michael Ward, Radiologic Technology; Cynthia Weatherspoon, Cosmetology; Jack Whisenant, Nurse Technician; Rebecca Whisenant, Nurse Technician; Pennie White Surgical Technology; William Wilkison, Networking Specialist; and Jamie Zachary, Nurse Technician.

Wayne County: Ann Westberry, Nurse Technician.


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