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OTC Announces Winter Quarter 2010 President’s List

Dr. Gail Thaxton, president of Okefenokee Technical College, has announced the President’s List for Winter Quarter 2010. To qualify for this honor, a student must be classified as a full-time student, have a grade point average of 3.75 or higher, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. The following students were named:
Appling County: Tara Carter, Nurse Technician; Whitney Carter, Nail Technician; and Jeremy Davis, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice
Atkinson County: Derek Harper, Forest Technology; Marie Hersey, Imaging Science Assistant; and Caleshia Zimmerman, Imaging Science Assistant
Bacon County: Margie Johnson, Certified Nursing Assistant; Tabatha Jones, Computer Support Specialist; Jasper Raulerson, Forest Technology; Linda Turner, Nurse Technician; and LaGena White, Computer Support Specialist
Brantley County: William Anderson, Commercial Truck Driving; Tracie Barnaby, Early Childhood Care and Education; Joseph Clemmer, Forest Technology; Jeremy Crews, Respiratory Care Technology; John Downs, Computer Support Specialist; Kelly Herrin, Certified Nursing Assistant; Jimmy Hickox, Forest Technology; Nicole Hunt, Cosmetology; Scotty Hutcherson; Amanda Lee, Certified Nursing Assistant; Heather Mikels, Cosmetology; Mallory Mock, Certified Nursing Assistant; Letitia Shiland, Early Childhood Care and Education; Amanda Roberson, Radiologic Technology; Satilla Sirmans, Cosmetology; David Smith, Welding and Joining Technology; Holly Thomas, Nurse Technician; Terry Walker, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; Kristie Wood, Nurse Technician
Camden County: Lacey Dowling, Cosmetology
Charlton County: Heather Ackerman, Business Administrative Technology; Jessica Bowen, Forest Technology; Angela Jackson, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Faleshia Lathan, Cosmetology; and William Staeger, Criminal Justice Technology
Coffee County: Judy Andrews, Medical Assisting; Kimberly Fanning, Clinical Laboratory Technology; Shannon Graves, Accounting; Cody Johnson, Forest Technology; Logan Knight, Imaging Science Assistant; Evelyn Medders, Cosmetology; Dillion Peacock, Industrial Systems Maintenance Technology; Salentha Reives, Accounting; Amber Royal, Imaging Science Assistant; and Ashley Srodulski, Health
Glynn County: Matthew Hinch, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; and Richard Thompson, Networking Specialist
Jeff Davis County: Ryan Carter, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; Timothy Reagin, Air Conditioning Technology; and Michael Taylor, Air Conditioning Technology
Lanier County: William Bennett, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice
Pierce County: Brittany Allen, Nail Technician; Brittany Aspinwall, Nurse Technician; Danielle Atkinson, Early Childhood Care and Education; Brandi Balbach, Networking Specialist; Matthew Barber, Welding and Joining Technology; Susan Boatright, Accounting; Daniel Bowen, Welding and Joining Technology; Elizabeth Bullard, Certified Nursing Assistant; Amanda Byrd, Nurse Technician; Hope Cason, Cosmetology; Terri Davis, Medical Assisting; Meagan Gill, Clinical Laboratory Technology; James Green, Industrial Systems Maintenance Technology; Karen Hamelin, Medical Assisting; Laquesha Hamilton; Sabrina Hernandez, Certified Nursing Assistant; Abigail Johnson, Accounting; Sharon Justice, Nurse Technician; Dee King, Business Administrative Technology; Sophia Kitchen, Early Childhood Care and Education; Carrie Matthews, Nurse Technician; James Murray, Air Conditioning Repair Specialist; Lonnie Pearson, Electrical Lineworker Apprentice; Melissa Sapp, Certified Nursing Assistant; Terri Speake, Criminal Justice Technology; Jessica Sprinkle, Certified Nursing Assistant; Leigha Taylor, Nurse Technician; Darrell Weeks, Criminal Justice Technology; and Nathan Williamson, Industrial Systems Maintenance Technology

Ware County: Ashley Anderson, Nail Technician; Hattie Bailey, Cosmetology; Carneshia Baldwin, Early Childhood Care and Education; Charles Balwanz, Marketing Management; Richard Bergmann, Environmental Horticulture; Edward Blumenberg, Marketing Management; Diane Boatright, Marketing Management; Christia Callahan, Certified Nursing Assistant; Daniel Carter, Air Conditioning.

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